Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why didn't we get TIVO?

If the Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002 was rough because we in the US had to wake up at 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning to watch games, the Germany World Cup is tougher because all the games are during peak work hours. Why did we not buy a pre-Cup TIVO plan? IDIOTS.

But no worries. Reckless Abandon has, out of necessity, embraced a new development in sports journalism: game blogs. To blog the game is to sit in front of your computer, typing with nonchalance every random thought or quibble that comes to mind whether or not your reader might give a damn. As you would expect, it's easy to have a bad game blog. Most are bland, devoid of anything witty, poetic, colorful or humorous. Sounds a lot like someone else we know (muffled cough...M. Balboa...cough, cough).

One guy who got it right is Michael Davies who's keeping a diary of the World Cup over at ESPN's Page 2. Check out Davies' minute by minute blog of the USA-Czech game. Sports fans out there will know Page 2 as Bill Simmons' stomping grounds. Davies is British, charming and witty, working in New York but with soccer loyalties clearly in England. He writes in the same clever, funny, unpretentious, fanatical tone that makes Simmon's great and Page 2 of ESPN different from Page 1.


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