Thursday, June 22, 2006

We’re Ready for Eddie

(Correction: We made this post feeling confident that EJ would be starting today, but now the US soccer matchtracker is indicating that he's not. Now we're concerned about Donovan stepping up and producing some goals on top of his midfield responsibilities with Essian, and we're a little worried about our weakest backline yet facing one of our best attacking opponents. We still have some potent offensive subs that we can throw at them, including Johnson. Let's just hope that in the meantime Eddie Lewis can connect a sweat cross to McBride's head or Dempsey can destroy Ghana's back four.)

We think it's safe to say that our hopes of World Cup survival are resting on this man's ability to break out on the world stage like he did when he debuted in CONCACAF. We know he's got the potential and we've been saying all along that we think our chances in this cup could be determined by his ability to score goals. Well, we couldn't need some goals any more than we do now. Eddie are you ready for the big time?


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