Thursday, June 08, 2006

Studio 90: Welcome to Local Public Television

So, has a new webcasting daily video show called Studio 90. (There's another failed attempt at a cool name for something in US soccer.) And, here at Reckless Abandon, we take it personally when the US soccer media does a bad job; and we think that Studio 90 is crap.

Before launching Studio 90, US soccer provided raw video feeds of locker room scenes, training, match highlights, press conferences, and other behind-the-scenes detritus that the intense fan craves.

But, in an attempt to make their coverage of this World Cup better, they hired some amateur TV host/reporter/wannabe comedian/loser named Neil Buethe to anchor a web show featuring all of the video content that was previously just posted on the website.

Thanks to Buethe and Studio 90's editing team, all of the video material is now cumbersome, it now loads slowly, and it is now hard to access individual video segments that are packaged within the show.

Reckless Abandon still watches every show because we want the video access to the team, but now we have to sit through Neil Buethe's pathetic attempts at playing TV show host. The worst segments are the studio interviews with players. On the June 7 episode, the facial expressions of Bobby Convey and Eddie Pope clearly convey how lame they think Buethe is and accurately reflect Reckless Abandon's sentiment.

Why did they take the excellent raw video feeds and turn them into a crappy, local public television show?


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