Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some Quality Soccer Journalism

If you're like Reckless Abandon and you spend way too much time scouring the internet for any media about US soccer, then you've probably already seen the New York Times' latest edition of their sports magazinePlay. Actually, if you've even found this blog, then you probably spend way too much time scouring the internet for US soccer media.

In the current Play, there's a good article titled, The Americans, Seriously. It's got some great writing about the American player, style, and psyche, as well as some quality Bruce Arena quotes. Here's a little of what Bruce had to say:

"We have a fairly intelligent team. I've said this many times: if they awarded the World Cup trophy on who could do crossword puzzles, we'd win it easily."

And, then after admitting that if the Czechs and the Italians play their best possible games he said, "Chances are they'll beat us. But I'm here to tell you they are not going to play their best possible game against us. So we have a chance."

Reckless Abandon certainly agrees.


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