Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Reckless Generation Was Galvanized

Do you remember Tab Ramos' nasty elbow to the head from Leonardo? Balboa's sick bike off the crossbar? Maradonna drug allegations? The infamous Baggio pk gaffe? The poor Colombian soul that scored the own goal for the US? Bora Milutinovic? If you're like Reckless Abandon, Clint Dempsey, Gooch, Convey, Donovan, Beasley, or Howard, then these were formative events in your soccer imagination. Check out this Marc Connolly article to see how the '94 World Cup was pivotal in getting US soccer to the level it is now, twelve years later. The first true American soccer generation, the one of reckless of abandon, is coming of age. And just as the '94 Cup prepared the way for this generation, the '06 Cup could be crucial in preparing the next generation, the one that could take the US to a place of prominence in world soccer. Let's hope our team rises to the challenge.


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