Friday, June 23, 2006

In the Aftermath

The 2002 World Cup for Americans everywhere—except Clint Dempsey (best/only goal scored by an American player) and Ben Olsen (best performance by a player never expected to be on a World Cup roster)—will be remembered for its lackluster play, deftly un-effective tactical moves, and lack of spirit. It was the most anticipated team ever to yield so little excitement.

Here’s the story writ small. Wait four years. Get excited. Start a blog. Then, finally the day arrives when there’s a meaningful game involving Americans. KICK OFF! Fifth minute. Insert Czech river ogre turned monster striker. GOAL! Bland play. No energy. GOAL. GOAL. And off we go…


Maybe these losses wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to wait four more years until another World Cup.

Now we have Four more years until we can know for sure how good we are. Four more years of waiting. Four more years of wishing Landon Donovan would man-up and go play in the big leagues instead of beating up the little kids in the sand box and, for the love of God, four more years (2010 will make it eight total) until we see the guy TAKE A FUCKING SHOT on goal in a World Cup.

We've got four more years of hearing Bubba say, "See, the reason we can't win in soccer is 'cause we don't CARE. We don't have our best athletes playing soccer. You think Brett Favre woulda let his team lose like that? Hell no! He’s got character!"

It wouldn’t be so bad if we knew we didn’t have to wait four more years for a chance to prove ourselves again. For a brief honeymoon that ended on June 9, we thought we were gaining the world's respect.

Let the clock slowly start its ticking.


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