Friday, June 16, 2006

Come to Jesus

A few months ago the anticipation was all we could stand. The "next-step" World Cup was on the horizon. And the USSF organizers were patting each other on the back. After 1994, we decided we liked this game a little and maybe we wanted a taste of what Italy and Brazil had in the '94 finals. We'll implement a national program and position ourselves to win a World Cup by 2010 the visionaries were saying. We knew we were improving, but no one could have predicted 2002. The future looked brighter than it ever had for US soccer. Within five minutes all of that changed. We could feel it sitting in our living room watching an abnormally large Eastern European creature pummel a goal through the shell of our visionary development plan and the fragile embryo of a US soccer ego.

Doubt slipped in where only confidence had lived since the 25th minute of the Portugal game four years ago. The golden plan has taken a set back and maybe US soccer coaches, players, organizers and fans will begin to realize you only get what you earn and history is nothing. In the arena of world class football, success followed by devestating failure is part of the contract. Just ask the 1998 World Cup Champions France who haven't scored a goal in a World Cup game since 1998.

Our guys are saying all the right things after getting embarassed and humbled by the Czechs. But the acid test for how good or bad we TRULY are in 2006 is yet to be seen. Italy tomorrow on ABC at 2:00 in the prime time. Here's to screwing tactics, forgeting how good we might be and finding out how good we are. And playing with a little reckless abandon for heaven's sake! We already lost our ego.


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